If I Knew Guil

By Guil's biggest fan (AKA: Felicia Fitherstein-Adams)

I bet that Guil smells like a hot bowl of macaroni and cheese, the kind without tuna. And when he kisses, I bet he doesn't use too much tongue, unless I totally ask him to (WHICH I WOULD!!!!)

If I knew Guil, I'd make sure that every day he left our home (three bedroom, four bath) with a smile, and that he always knew that he was loved no matter how hard his day in LA-LA-LAND might be. It's so hard being an actor, I know, I read about it, and I'd be there to make sure every night when he came home I'd listen to him and laugh at his jokes and show him how special he is to so many people BUT ESPECIALLY ME, HANDS OFF LADIES! MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE!!

If I knew Guil my mom would love him because he's so cute, but she'd be worried about his alternating livestyle. We'd have to hide his tattoos for at least until Christmas! Unless Guil is Jewish! And then we'd have to hide that, too!!!!!


One day I took Guil's Sprint commercial and I taped his voice on my voicemail as my outgoing message so when Shelly or my friend Tracy calls they know that Guil loves me even if he has a hard time saying it! Take that, Mark Sussman. GUIL LOVES MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

What do you think Guilford means? It sounds like an exotic fish. I think it means 'Good at everything.' U know what I mean.

I love him so much
Like no other
Oh, yeah, I love him.
Really, I do.
Don't you know it.

And another thing
Dat I want to say
About Guil
My man.

I could go on forever, but my world history paper won't let me. Unless I can write about the history of Guilford Adams. Because he's going to CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!! ILOVEGUIL!

Peace, love & Guilford.


©2007 Guilford Adams. All rights reserved.