head shot
  • Height 5' 10"
  • Hair Brown
  • Eyes Blue



Commercial & Theatrical

Baron Entertainment

5757 Wilshire Blvd. #659
Los Angeles, CA


Valentine's Day Supporting New Line Cinema
Keeping Up With the Steins Supporting Miramax
Boys Don't Cry Supporting Fox Searchlight
Punching the Clown Supporting Viens Films
One, Two, Many Supporting National Lampoon
Shooting LA Supporting One Ball Films
Equinox Knocks Lead Asylum Entertainment
Scarecrow Supporting Asylum Entertainment
Mouth Garden Supporting Bright Orange Pictures
Distinct Smell Of Red Lead Malamute Productions
La Brea Supporting USC Graduate Film
Monster Hunter Supporting USA Films


The United States of Tara Co-star Showtime
Big Time Rush Co-star Nickelodeon
Scrubs Recurring NBC
Beck And Call Guest Star WB/UPN Pilot
The Bernie Mac Show Guest Star Fox TV


Charlotte's Web Wilbur South Coast Repertory
The Last Night Of Ballyhoo Peachy Weil South Coast Repertory
Mr. Marmalade Larry South Coast Repertory
Two Gentlemen Of Verona Thurio South Coast Repertory
Hank Williams- Lost Highway Jimmy Laguna Playhouse
OthE.L.O. Cassio Troubadour Theatre Co.
Alice in One-Hit-Wonderland King of Hearts/
Troubadour Theatre Co.
Down in the Basement Moses Lowell Los Angeles Clown Productions
Animal Logic Clown/Gil CTG/Kirk Douglas Theatre
Elixir of Love Soldier San Antonio Opera
The Grand Duchess Henri Los Angeles Opera
Pot Mom Nick Third Stage
Oklahomo Vance Third Stage
Much Adoobie Brothers About Nothing Antonio/ Balthazar Troubadour Theatre Co.
Space Therapy Monroe Zephyr Theatre
Teen Girl Pete Zephyr Theatre
written by J.Tanner
Sammy Skunk's Hollywood Holiday Rocky Raccoon Los Angeles Clown Productions
Amadeus Mozart Theatrical Arts International
Emmitt Otter's Jugband Christmas Doc Bullfrog Los Angeles Clown Productions
Hamlet, The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Horatio Troubadour Theatre Co.
Comedy Of Aerosmith Dromio Troubadour Theatre Co.
It's A Stevie Wonderful Life Harry Bailey Troubadour Theatre Co.
Fleetwood Macbeth Malcolm Troubadour Theatre Co.
A Christmas Carol King Paul Cratchit Troubadour Theatre Co.
Love's Labour's Lost Longaville A Noise Within
Funky Punks Circus Spectacular Clown Troubadour Theatre Co.
A Midsummer Night's Dream Puck Grand Canyon Shakespeare
Taming Of The Shrew Grumio Kentucky Shakespeare Festival
Waiting For Godot Estragon Shirk Workers Union


  • Acting
    Jeremiah Comey, Marcia Gay Harden, Mark Rucker, Ethan Mcsweeney
  • Clown Movement
    Bob Berkey, Commedia Zuppa, Matt Walker & Troubadour Theatre
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
    University of Texas at Austin

Special Skills

  • Dialects (Southern, Irish, Scottish, British)
  • Front Flip, Back Flip, Juggling (Pins, Balls, Fire)
  • Stage Combat, Clowning, Improv
  • Guitar, Drums, Banjo, Mandolin, Singing
  • Platform Diving, Golf, Eagle Scout

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