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Much Adoobie Brothers About Nothing

Much Adoobie Review from Backstage

Much Adoobie Brothers About Nothing
August 17, 2006
By Jennie Webb

What can you say when you've experienced more than a few Troubadour Theater Company balls-out rock 'n' roll bastardizations of Shakespeare (or hallowed holiday fare)? When you've seen one, you've gotta see them all.

Director Matt Walker and company are up to their usual no-holds-barred escapades, taking the Bard's comedy about thwarted love and twisted motives to new heights with through-the-roof physicality and a generous helping of Doobies - not the hand-rolled kind; we're talkin' 'bout the '70s rock icons the Doobie Brothers, dig it? Here, Elizabethan couplets slam up against soulful tunes and country-tinged disco dance moves, and it's all totally bitchin'. The romance of sharp-tongued emotional adversaries Beatrice and Benedick (a pitch-perfect Jen Seifert parries brilliantly with Eric Anderson, a stone fox if I ever saw one) unfolds alongside the tale of the young lovers Hero and Claudio (Lynette Rathnam and Joseph Leo Bwarie, both proof positive that ing?nues need not be bland), with comic relief - in case you were wondering when things got funny - thrown in thanks to the local police force (cornpone coppers Dan Waskom, Cody Chappel, and Guilford Adams do the job nicely). Oh, and then there's the fabulously evil element you've been waiting for: royal-sized sibling rivalry. Brother to visiting dignitary Don Pedro (Daren Herbert), the evil Don John is none other than Walker, who - accompanied by his usual partner in hilarity, Beth Kennedy, and the lovely Lauren Gira - brings down the house. Veteran company members Mike Sulprizio and Audrey Siegel round out the energetic cast. Right on.

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