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Lundquist in the Sky with Diamonds

LA Weekly

Meet Louis: mop-top high schooler with naivety to burn. That is, until the pivotal weekend in William Mesnik's breezy morality play when his folks skip town on holiday. Mom's (Mary Beth Rim) barely finished with her "Be in bed by 11!"s before wolfish pal Shep (Cody Chappel) has ceremoniously placed an inaugural hit of acid on Louis' (a coltish, winsome Jamison Driskill) tongue, expounding all the while on the thrills of the "velvet hammer."

Within weeks, in true after-school-special fashion, Louis is tripping out during French class and fumbling toward a childish decadence that forks sharply from his parents' designs. This being 1970, his options are clear: Vietnam or nuthouse? Connie Francis or Lou Reed? Girl next door (Audrey Siegal) or she-vixen caked in eyeliner (Sally Strecker)? And if he chooses wrong, can he salvage his life without returning to squaresville?

It's all wafer-slight and spliced with dialogue culled from acid-speak mumbo jumbo. However, Guilford Adams' tuned-in staging, a hearty ensemble and imaginative props make this engaging comedy ideal for its dinner-theater surroundings, washed down with a perfectly legal margarita.

El Cid, 4212 Sunset Blvd., Hlywd.; Mon., 8 p.m. (all perfs "pay-what-you-will"). (213) 925-3732.

Written 03/11/2004

©2007 Guilford Adams. All rights reserved.